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On this page we have summarized the big overview of the main pages here on Alle pages are related to pets in some way.

Dogs Supplies

Dog Supplies – Pet Shop offers all kinds of dog supplies. Our wide selection of dog supplies is delivered straight to your door, across the UAE, seven days a week. We have a huge range of high-quality dog supplies such as dog food, Dog Toys, Dog treat & chews and  dog wet food.

Dog Wet Food – We at Pet shop always strive to provide the highest-quality wet dog food. You can clearly see that by checking out the brands that we offer – they are not mass-market brands and products but rather unique and exclusive ones. This is all done to ensure that we keep our promise towards you and your pets.

Treats & Chews – There are numerous situations that you could use as an excuse to reward your dog with some delicious and healthy dog treats. Our dog treats are made to provide your dog with important nutrients while avoiding any artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

Toys – Let’s face it – we are not always available to play with our dogs. At the same time none of us wants our furry friends to be bored at home. We believe a good reason to get your puppy (or even a fully-grown adult dog) a great dog toy your doggy can use to entertain itself while you are away.


Cat Supplies – We have a huge selection of cat supplies. Our pet shop provides everything you need to keep your cat happy, satisfied, and healthy so you two can spend more time together. Shop our cat food, cat ticks & Chews, Cat Wet Food, cat toys, and much more. We stock high-quality cat food.

Wet food for cats – Quality wetfood for all felines. We stock both canned, rolls and pouches. We have both age related diet and food for all lifestages. Our assortment consist of Natures Menu, Applaws, NuTripe, Natural Balance, Royal Canin, Artemis, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Red Barn and Butch.

Trick & Chews – We at our pet shop have large variety for your cat tricks & chews

Cat Toys – Our cat toys section has everything your cat needs to be entertained. Find accessories from our most popular brands.


Birds supplies – We stock a large range of bird items for all bird types; Amazones, Macaws, African Gray, Conures, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, budgies and diffrent softbills like; Finches, Canaries, Toucans and Mynahs.

Bird Food – We stock a large range of quality bird food for all bird types; Macaw, African Gray, Conures, Amazons,Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds and diffrent softbills like; Finches, Canaries, Toucans and Mynahs. We stock brands like Harrison, Zupreem, Lafeber, Beaphar, Padovan

Bird Treats – We stock a large range of bird treats for different types of birds.

Small Pets

Small Pets – We stock a large range for rodents and ferrets. Cages, hutches, food, timothy hay, alfalfa, treats, chews, toys, flea and tick control, woundcare products, chinchilla bathing sand, bedding and litter. Everything you need to care for your small friend.

Food – pet shop stock food, treats and supplements for Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Hamster, Gerbil and Ferret.

Treats – Find high quality small pets treats at pet shop for your small pets!

Shop by brand

Shop by brand – Shop your products according to a brand. We have a large scale of brands, form 3-5 stars. We have everything for your pet. Always fast delivery. Such as Applaws , Royal Canin , Taste Of The Wild , Orijen , Ziwi Peak , Armitage , Acana , Dymax , Earthbath , FURminator , HAGEN , KRUUSE , Lintbells , Big PawNature’s Variety , Organic Oscar , Pawsitiv , Savic , Smart Bones , SVG , Vet’s Best , Whimzees , Zupreem

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