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Discover, Create, and Maintain Aquariums – our offer

We offer complete design, full set-up and maintenance service for all kind of aquariums.

Many years of combined experience of aquatic experts , allow us to provide highest level of services for both – advanced Fresh Water as well as Marine tanks. If you want to customize or relocate aquarium in your apartment, villa or office – just give us a call.

Nature Aquariums are one of our passions at My Pets. Among various types of tanks we set up they hold a special place in our hearts…

So what are Nature Aquariums? Also known as Japanese Style Aquariums the concept was created by Japanese aquarist and photographer Takashi Amano. He created underwater landscapes rooted in nature, with fish swimming amongst elements including rocks, wood, fern, moss and roots.

In Nature Aquariums, there are no perfect rows of plants, but a far more natural and wild scenery. In fact, a lot of people consider the tanks to be a work of art. They become a focal point in your work or home space, offering a calming escape from the fast pace of life when you pass the aquarium and pause for a moment.

Nature Aquariums are certainly beautiful, but it takes skill to design and maintain them – and that is why My Pets is offering a service to do just that. With over 10-years experience in creating and servicing Nature Aquariums, we will design your tank, source the materials, and ensure that it is healthy, presentable, and highly decorative on an ongoing basis.

At My Pets we can set up your Nature Aquarium in any of three major design styles – Iwagumi, Ryuboku or Mizube.

Iwagumi is a style deriving directly from Japanese Zen gardening. The main role here is played by rocks. The strength of Iwagumi lies in minimalism and expression. Most important here is the arrangement of stones – recalling the natural rocky mountains, shores and cliffs. In Iwagumi not too many plants are used, very often there are two or three short, carpeting species. This is due to the fact that the rock as the main element cannot be suppressed by plants. Also fish is selected with minimalism in mind – usually they are single species of small schooling fish. Below are some examples of our own Iwagumi layouts that we have set in Dubai.

Ryuboku design is completely different than Iwagumi. Here the design is based on wood and the pattern of Nature that we wish to reproduce is the atmosphere of the forest. The roots covered with mosses and ferns beyond the stem plants and grass are the main elements in Ryuboku style. In such designs more species of fish are often used, illustrating the diversity of forest life. Ryuboku design is wild, very naturally looking, the aquarium is dark and mysterious. Fish passing between the overgrown branches and shrimp feeding in a thicket of plants complete the whole picture.

Mizube is a variation on Ryuboku style. These aquariums are open with the roots projecting from water and plants growing above the water surface. The boundary between the Aquarium and the man disappears, design of the aquarium becomes an integral part of the interior.

Three basic styles are often combined and mixed together. The only limit is creativity and imagination of the aquascaper. Nature Aquarium design options are virtually endless, each tank can be made different and unique.

Being able to enjoy image of nature by keeping it close by might be the reason why Nature Aquarium has become so popular in the world.

Want to find out more? Come and visit the Nature Aquariums we have at My Pets at Golden Mile Galleria, Palm Jumeirah and let our experienced staff answer any questions.


Some of our other Nature Aquarium tanks we have set up in Dubai :


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